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by James Peyton

Americans, including the president, are alive. Someone wants them dead ....
A Mystery Thriller
# Thriller
# Suspense
# Action
# Mystery

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Bands of illegal immigrants are being massacred on both sides of the Mexican border by men wearing US military uniforms. With relations between the two countries deteriorating, Artemas Salcido, director of Mexico's anti-terror organization, goes to Tijuana to discover the source. The investigation leads to Jennifer Anders, a reporter using vacation time in Tijuana to investigate the murder of her journalism professor. After narrowly surviving attempts on their lives, they reach Mexico City. Following a life-threatening trip to Beirut, Artemas returns to Mexico and unravels an ingenious terrorist plot. He then deals with cultural and political differences with the FBI and CIA, corruption in his own department, an enigmatic Mexican billionaire, and Jennifer's kidnapping. Will he be able to stay alive long enough to stop the devastating attack on the United States, the assassination of the American president, and to save Jennifer from the desperate, vindictive leader of the plot ...? Read less