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by James Peyton

"One woman’s vengeance ignites a battle for justice..."
Artemas Salcido Series Book 3
# Thriller
# Action
# Mystery
# Suspense

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"One woman’s vengeance ignites a battle for justice: Valinda Valdez, from hunted to hunter joins Artemas Salcido in the heart of darkness." When her family falls victim to Mexico’s most ruthless drug cartel, Valinda Valdez flees to Los Angeles with her sister, only to face her sibling’s death at the hands of the same criminal organization. Falsely accused of murder, Valinda’s fury propels her back into the heart of danger in Mexico. A beguiling, street-smart warrior, Valinda infiltrates the cartel and becomes the enigmatic drug lord’s mistress. She discovers the cartel’s unholy alliance with a Middle Eastern terror organization planning to unleash death on American soil. Valinda teams with Artemas Salcido, Mexico’s relentless anti-terror director and a tenacious FBI agent to dismantle the cartel and thwart a diabolical terror attack. Brace yourself for a pulse-pounding journey through the treacherous landscape of power, betrayal, and a lone woman’s determination to rewrite the script of justice.